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Medical Assisting

National Library of Medicine

National Library of Medicine

General NLM Health Resources

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) provides a variety of resources :


  • A citation index for articles from medical and life science journals, including a tutorial for site navigation guidance
  • Provides links to PubMed Central (PMC), a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at NIH/NLM


  • For patients, families, and friends
  • Information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in language you can understand
  • Reliable, up-to-date health information, anytime, anywhere, for free
  • Includes Anatomy Videos and links to a variety of resources

  • Regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical research in human volunteers

Drug Information Portal

  • A gateway to selected drug information from NLM and other key U.S. Government agencies
  • Enables searches using a drug’s tradename or generic name


  • Combines high-resolution images of tablets and capsules with information (imprint, shape, color, etc.)
  • Enables caregivers to visually search for and identify an unknown pill

NLM Gallery of Mobile Apps and Sites

  • Access NLM's databases and resources on your smartphone or tablet

Visible Human Project

  • A digital image library of volumetric data representing complete, normal adult male and female anatomy
  • Complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the normal male and female human bodies