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Work Study Guidelines: Telephone Etiquette

Telephone Manners

Library Telephone

In the event a telephone is ringing and staff members are out of the library or busy with a customer, please pick up the telephone and answer using the following guidelines.

  • Tri-County Library, this is (Your Name), may I help you?
  • Person's name) is away from her/his desk. May I take a message or is there something I can do to assist you?
  • (Person's name) is not in his/her office at the moment but he/she is in the building. May I take a message?
  • (Person's name) is out of the office today. Is there something I can help you with?

Personal Phone

ALL Library visitors and staff are discouraged from talking on a personal cell phone in the library in order not to disturb others.  

If you must take or make a phone call, inform your supervisor and step out into the hall outside the library.


Cell Phone