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Work Study Guidelines: Job Description

Job Responsibilities

1)What is the purpose of the job: The Library, Student Computer Support lab and Distance Learning are very busy areas of the College, with multiple functions that assist TCCC students in gaining the skills and information needed to succeed in their courses.  The Library/Student Computer Support lab is open 56 hours per week. 

Work Study students are essential in assisting staff members to operate the lab & library and to provide the superb customer service that students, faculty/staff and the community have learned to expect from the department.

A Work Study assistant assists with the performance of the daily functions of the Library and Student Computer Support lab primarily maintaining computer resources in the library and computer lab.                                                                                                                     

2)Job duties and responsibilities:   Assisting staff with computers and library functions.  Clerical duties such as data entry, scanning, photocopying, shelving etc.  Light housekeeping and basic computer maintenance. Good communication and computer skills are required