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Video Collections: Support/Creating Playlists

Films on Demand Support

Films on Demand Support Website- Very helpful videos that explain how to use Films on Demand

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions relating to Films on Demand

Creating Playlists

Want to create a playlist of online videos for each of your courses?  It is an easy way for you to share a custom collection of videos with others using a single link.  You can also make a playlist when you want to make a link to a specific segment of a video.

A log-in is necessary to create a playlist

  1. At the top of the page, click on Sign In . Enter your log-in account information or click on Don't have an Account? Click here. 


2.  You are now  logged in by your account and can set up playlists customized for your class. 

3.  Enter search criteria in Search Box and choose Search by Title or Search by Segment.

4.  To add a video or segment to a playlist, click on the  icon below the video image on any search or browse result page. 
Notice that you can email the video, Add it to a playlist, Add it to favorites, embed the video, and retrieve the citation for the video. 

Films on Demand Tools bar    

5.  Choose whether to add the video to an existing playlist or create a new one.  You will need to name your playlist.

Films on Demand Playlist Tools 

6.   This should take you right into My Playlists.  If not, click on the My Playlists tab.

My Playlists


Playlists are a great way to organize material for your students.

     9.  You can share the Playlist URL with students to take them directly to the videos or segments that you have chosen.

    10.  You can make changes to a playlist by clicking on Edit Playlist. Here you can modify the order of your segments and remove segments.    


    11.  Click on SAVE CHANGES.  You should receive the message The Playlist has been updated successfully. 

Playlist Tips:

You can also customize playlists by clicking on the video title, clicking on , and then selecting segment(s) to add to an existing playlist or a new one.