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Career KEYS: Career Readines Certificate

Tri_County Quality Enhancement Plan

CRC and WorkKeys

For employers, the CRC confirms that an individual possesses basic workplace skills in Reading for Information, Applied Math, and Locating Information – skills that most jobs require. In addition, the CRC confirms to the employer that individuals are capable of learning job-specific skills, helping to match the right person with the job this reduces turnover, training time, and increases the skill level of existing employees.

For individuals, the CRC promotes skills and career development by focusing on employment-related competencies needed in any career. It can increase an individual’s chance for employment and promotion.

The North Carolina CRC is based on the ACT WorkKeys system. Individuals may earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold level of certification.

The CRC is typically administered by a member of TCCC staff during the student’s “Cap Stone Class”. The first administration of the CRC is free for TCCC students; however, there is a fee for additional administrations. Members of the community are also welcome to take the CRC to enhance employability.

For more information or to schedule to take the CRC contact:

Kelly Hembree, M.S.
McSwain 109
(828) 835-4291


Tri-County Community College Career Center

The Career Center located in McSwain 109 features computers and resources to aid in resume building, job search and skills development.  Students may also schedule testing times for the Career Readiness Certificate assessment and to set up a Career 101 account.

Open convenient hours for one on one assistance with any job related activity.

TCCC-Main Campus (Drop In)
Mondays 1:00-5:00 pm
Tuesdays 1:00-5:00
Thursdays 9:00-12:00

Kelly Hembree, M.S.
McSwain 109
(828) 835-4291