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Career KEYS: Career KEYS SLOs

Tri_County Quality Enhancement Plan

Career KEYS Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

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Career KEYS Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

General Education (GE)

Students will demonstrate a strong general education background by

GE1.       Reading for information.

GE2.       Locating information.

GE3.       Applying mathematical skills.

Career Expectations (CE)

Students will gain knowledge of career expectations and personal values by

CE1.       Utilizing personality tests to help self-identification.

CE2.       Utilizing a career assessment inventory to learn about possible careers.

CE3.       Demonstrating knowledge of skills standards in their chosen profession.

Self Presentation (SP)

Students will prepare themselves for the job search process by

SP1.       Demonstrating knowledge of the job search.

SP2.       Completing effectively a mock job interview.

SP3.       Completing effectively a job search portfolio: cover letter, resume, job application, and thank-you letter.

Listening (L)

Students will demonstrate effective listening skills in the areas of

L1.          Familiarity and memory.

L2.          Comprehension and analysis.

L3.          Application and evaluation.

Observation (O)

Students will demonstrate effective observation by

O1.         Focusing on important details.

O2.         Remembering important details.

O3.         Applying important details.

Teamwork (T)

Students will work effectively in teams by

T1.          Taking various roles in the group dynamic.

T2.          Recognizing and helping develop team goals.

T3.          Helping accomplish tasks and solve problems within the group dynamic.