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Computer Support: Student E-Mail

Guide to important computer resources and tutorials

Important Notice


Tri-County Student E-mail login CHANGED June 1, 2016  !!!!

Follow the directions below to access your student e-mail

Quick Access

Click a link below if you want to . . .


If you have any questions or problems with TC student e-mail or WebAdvisor please contact:

Student Computer Support (828) 835-4309

IT department (828) 835-4258

or  email

Need to Access Your Old Student E-Mail?

Need to  access your old student e-mail?

Click here:

First Time Users

First time users must complete a PASSWORD MANAGEMENT process to use student accounts.

Your password will be the same for Student E-Mail, Office 365 and WebAdvisor 

Passwords will expire every 90 days.

Check your email for notifications of your password expiration.

Click the START HERE-Password Management Enrollment tab above for instructions on the Password Management process.

Sign in to Office 365 Student Email



      Click HERE to go to Student E-Mail


or you may open your web browser and go to TCCC’s homepage and click on the email icon at the top of the page. You can also go to .



You will be taken to the screen below:

Sign in to Office 365

1. Click Already using it Great!! Click Here to Continue to Office365. 

2. Click the e-mail icon

3. Sign in entering your new email address.

Your email address will be the first four letters of your last name followed by the last four numbers of your student ID.

Example: John Smith with an ID of 1234567 would have an email address of

4. Enter the password you set up in the Password Management Self-Service site.  

It is the same password as your WebAdvisor password.

Be sure to use when entering your email address!