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Faculty Orientation: Policies and Procedures

For new instructors or any instructor with a question

TCCC Policies and Procedures Manual


A policy and procedures manual has been prepared to provide a ready reference of basic information to assist the college faculty and staff in performing their assigned responsibilities as well as be a basis for the student information contained in publications like the school catalog. It is designed to provide information about the organization, policies, and procedures of Tri-County Community College

A copy of the manual can be foun‚Äčd on the colleges network 'S' drive in the TCCC Policy Manual folder.

Faculty Expectations

All classes are assigned a classroom.  If you are uncertain of the number or location, please ask personnel in Student Services.  

For audit purposes please do not change classrooms, even for one meeting, without authorization.  Please check with the administrative assistant for academics, or the evening coordinator  if you need to make a change.  

In accordance with TCCC policy and your contract, all adjunct faculty are required to be available to meet with students for at least thirty minutes for each class meeting held in addition to the scheduled class hours.  You may meet thirty minutes prior to each class or fifteen minutes before and fifteen minutes after class.  Please indicate on your syllabus the times you will be available to the students.  Also, give written notification of those times to the Administrative Assistant.

The first class meeting is an important one.  A student’s opinion, both of the class and of the college, comes in large part from the initial impression.  Introduce yourself, and the course by handing out the course syllabus and going over it in detail.  You should explain the activities planned for the class and how the grades will be determined.

Also, please explain how students should contact you as well as the inclement weather policy and student rights policy.  Also, note to the class that children are not allowed to be in the class at any time.

If you are not sure about any of these items, please contact Student Services or a full time faculty member.  The first class meeting (as well as all others) should be conducted for the fully scheduled time unless prior approval for less than the full time has been obtained from the Vice President for Instructional Services. 

Dr. Steve Wood


Main Campus

Vice President for Instruction and Institutional Effectiveness


Please check with Dr. Wood or your division chair for information on textbooks.

Dr. Steve Wood


Main Campus

Vice President for Instruction and Institutional Effectiveness


Instructors are asked to develop a syllabus for each course before the first day of class and provide it to students on the first day of class. The approved TCCC format  is outlined in the file attached below:

Please submit an electronic copy of each course syllabus in to the Administrative Assistant for Instructional Services and one to the appropriate division chair.  

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