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Computer Support: Computer Recommendations for Student Success

Guide to important computer resources and tutorials

Hardware and peripherals

You need access to a late model (5 years old or newer) desktop or laptop computer with the following components:


•    A high speed internet connection with a connection speed of 1.5 MB/s or better.

•    Monitor and video card with 1024 x 768 or greater resolution

•    Speakers/Headphones and Microphone

•    A web camera capable of video web conferencing

•    A DVD/CD-ROM drive may be needed to install software in select courses.

•    Software and applications

•    NOTE: Some programs may require additional PC hardware or software

Computer Accessibility

Computer accessibility

All students need access to a computer for success in their coursework. The operating systems on most computers already have some features that include these accessibility technologies:

           •    Changing font size

•    Changing size of desktop icons

•    Magnification of portions of your screen

•    Converting text to speech

•    Altering background color

•    Captioning for audio

•    Speech recognition

•    Accessibility for operating systems

Both Microsoft and Apple provide additional accessibility guides, tutorials, and tips for use on your computer. Visit the Microsoft  or Apple website for information beyond the documents provided here.

TCCC Student Computer Support

Tutorials on technology topics can be accessed on the TCCC Student Computer Support webpage on the TCCC website.

FOR HELP and ACCESS to the Recommended Components:

Visit Student Computer Support, McSwain 119

Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-9; Fri 8-Noon Visit online:


Phone: 828-835-4309

Mobile Devices

NOTE: Mobile devices, including phones and tablets, are NOT RECOMMENDED for online courses.  Access to Moodle and website-required course materials is limited on mobile devices. Students are required to have access to a PC or Mac but may use a mobile device such as a phone or tablet as a secondary means of access to Moodle messages, assignments and calendars.


You need access to and familiarity with the following items:




Operating System

NOTE: Either Windows or Mac is acceptable however, some courses may utilize software that requires a Windows computer or a Mac with a Windows partition. Android operating systems are NOT RECOMMENDED



Microsoft Windows


Windows 7

Windows 7 or higher

Apple   MacOSx

MacOSx 10.9

MacOSx 10.10 or higher

Web browser

NOTE: Newer browser versions include security fixes and newer technologies. Current browser versions are recommended.



Windows  Browser

NOTE: Internet Explorer is NOT RECOMMENDED



Google Chrome

35 or higher

39 or higher

Mozilla Firefox

31or  higher

34 or higher or 31ESR

Mac OSx Browser




Google Chrome

35 or higher

39 or higher

Mozilla Firefox

31or  higher

34 or higher or 31ESR

Software Some courses may require the purchase of additional software



Microsoft  Office Suite

Office 365

Office 365

Adobe  Reader (free)


latest version

Adobe   Flash plug-in (free)


latest version

Java  (free)


latest version

Antivirus protection (free)


Malware, Avast

Required Computer Skills

You will need to

Know how to:



File Management

Save and

find files and folders

•       Locate a file on a hard drive, flash drive and/or server

•       Save a file to a specific drive and folder

•       Delete a file

•       Navigate between two or more applications without closing and re-opening any


•       Upload and download files

•       Attach files

Word Processing

Create and format documents

•       Open a new document

•       Open an existing document

•       Save a document

•       Cut text

•       Paste text

•       Format text

•       Print a document

Web Browser

Navigate the


•       Go to a specific URL (Web page)

•       Print a page

•       Follow a hypertext link

•       Conduct a basic search using a search engine

•       Go back to the previous page Understand and modify browser settings relating to

security, pop-ups, and firewall settings


Send a message

•       Send an email message

•       Open an email message

•       Forward an email message

•     Save a message to a specific folder

•       Add a name to the address book

•       Paste text from a word processor into an email message

•       Send an attachment

•       Open and/or save an attachment