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Computer Support: Saving and Organizing Files

Guide to important computer resources and tutorials

Creating File Structure

The end of the video refers to the Angel learning management system but the same principcles apply to Moodle.

Zip and Unzip Files Using WinZip

Cartoon of ZipperHave you received an e-mail with a Zip file attached to it, or downloaded a Zip file and don't know what to do with it?  This page explains the basics of Zip files and how  to use them.

If you would like more information about WinZip, please click here


Burning Files to a CD/DVD Disc

Tips for creating folders to organize your school files

Save Files to USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive

Image of Flash DriveAn external hard drive or a portable USB jump drive  (AKA flash, pen, thumb drive or data stick) is used to expand your computer's storage capacity, to back up your data, and to share data between computers.  

Image of External Hard DriveThey are easy to use.


Using your USB Jump Drive

Create a Filing System

File Managment with Windows 7