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Distance Learning : Professional Licensure

Professional Licensure Disclaimer

Professional Licensure (Nursing, Teaching, Psychology, etc.)

Eligibility for licensure and/or certification may involve more than successful degree completion. All Tri-County Community College academic programs prepare students to sit for applicable licensure in North Carolina.

In order to comply with U.S. Department of Education regulations regarding distance education and professional licensure, Tri-County Community College is required to make the following disclosure with respect to professional licensure outside the state of North Carolina.  

Tri-County Community College cannot confirm whether a particular program meets requirements for professional licensure outside of the State of North Carolina.

Please contact applicable licensure board(s) in any state you may want to pursue licensure prior to beginning the academic program in order to determine whether the program meets licensure requirements.

It is the student's responsibility to confirm program eligibility for licensure in any state outside North Carolina.