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American History Library Guide: American Dream in Architecture

TCEC Honors Course


American Dream in architecture graphic

Topics and Locations

The US History areas in the library are located in the Non-Fiction area of the library:

United States E 151-909
Jefferson, Thomas E 332
Presidents United States E 176
Architecture NA 7120
Maps GA 405  


Architecture Books within TCCC Library

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Jefferson's rough sketch of the First Monticello

"This freehand elevation by Jefferson of the first version of Monticello shows the north and south bows that were added to the house ca. 1777" (Monticello Classroom 2016)

West Front of Monticello

"The West Front, or Nickel view, of Monticello showing its signature dome" (Monticello Classroom 2016)

Seven-Day Clock Calendar

"The top canonball weight for Jefferson's Great Clock marks Tuesday, midmorning." (Monticello Classroom 2016)