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Tri-County Community College Library : E-Book Apps and Devices

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e-book formats

  • azw format  Amazon's proprietary DRM restricted format for Kindle e-readers.
  • EPUB An open e-book standard which supports DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected e-books.
  • mobi  A format primarily designed for PDAs and smart phones. Allows access to DRM and non-DRM content
  • PDF or Portable Document format is best for highly formatted content, images, and has the ability to support DRM (Digital Rights Management) content.

E-Book Apps and Software


How E-Books Work

What do I need to read an e-book?

The e-books provided by the TCCC Library can be read online using your computer's browser. To view the e-book, click on the title that you want to read. If you are off-campus you'll need to login with your student username and password. 

Mobile Devices

E-books can also be read on a web enabled mobile device. Just use your tablet or phone browser to visit the TCCC library's website and choose e-book from the  menu. Some e-book sources will require you to create a free personal account. 

Who can borrow e-books?

Any student, faculty, community member or staff who have a library account.

Do I need to download any programs to view them?

Some e-book sources may require additional software or an app to view/read. 

Can I search e-books?

Yes, all the e-books can be searched  using the e-books search function. 

For more in depth information, click on the tabs above to learn about the library's different e-book collections.