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Get Started with OverDrive

OverDrive Account

Question:  Is OverDrive Account required?

No, an OverDrive Account is not required, but recommended.  OverDrive Account allows you to synchronize bookmarks, across devices.  Click to view help article from regarding this topic.

Email Account

Question: Why do I need a email account?

Answer: You need a valid email account to receive validation emails from OverDrive and Adobe.  Upon receipt of the emails, you should click to finalize and activate your account.  The OverDrive system will send notification emails when requested items are available for download. Note, any valid email account will work.

Adobe Id account

Question: Do I need to set up an Adobe ID before I install the OverDrive app?

Answer: The OverDrive app will prompt you to create/sign in with an Adobe ID.  Account set-up is taken care of during this process.


On Campus activation required?

Question: Do I have to use a on-campus computer to access OverDrive?

No, a on-campus computer is not required to authenticate.  Any device can be used: laptop, smartphone, etc. can be used to access and set-up account.