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Citing Guide: Reference List

Print Sources

Print Book -- Basic Form:

Author Name. (Year of Publication). Book or journal title. Place

of Publication: Publisher.


Dunkling, L., & Gosling, W. (1984). The dictionary of first names.

New York: Facts on File.

Ferguson, E. (Ed.). (1990). Encyclopedia of early Christianity.

New York: Garland

Cross. F.L., & Livingstone, E.A. (Eds.). (1997). The Oxford

dictionary of the Christian church. New York: Oxford

University Press.

Journal Article:


Hebert, L. (2008). Go back and give him what he wants: The

limits of a legal rights approach to gendered human rights

violations. International Journal of Human Rights, 12(4),


Magazine Article:


Ghosh, B., Crain, C., & Bennett, B. (2007, December 24).

Hold the cheers. Time, 170(26), 58-63.

Online Sources

Website -- Basic Form:

Author. (Year of Publication). Title of website. Date Retrieved,

Sponsoring Organization: URL


Scribe, A. (2006). Dr. Abel Scribe's guides to research style and

documentation. Retrieved October 31, 2006, from

Articles Retrieved from Online Databases -- Basic Form:

Note: You will need to find the DOI (digital object identifier) within the article information, if available. If you cannot locate a DOI, do an internet search for the journal title & cite the homepage URL for the journal.

Author Name. (Year of Publication). Title of the article. Title of

Journal, volume number(issue number), pages. doi or

journal homepage URL or database information


Gilbert, P. (2009). Human adjustment and the problem of death.

Death Studies, 33(8), 771-774. doi:


Johnson, L. (2003). Computer and video games: the impact on

children's health. Journal of Child Health, 45(2), 64-65.

Retrieved from

Philpot, M., & Banerjee, S. (1998). Obsessive-compulsive

disorder in the elderly. Behavioural Neurology, 11(2),

117-121. Retrieved from PsycINFO database

Key ratios. (2008). Eastman Kodak Company. Retrieved from

Morningstar Research Center database.

E-Books -- Basic Form:

Author, A. A. (Year published). Name of book. Location Published: Publisher.

     [Retrieved] date, [from] URL of Website


Dawkins, R. (1976). The selfish gene. New York: Oxford. Retrieved June 18, 2012,