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Computer Support: Computer Labs

Guide to important computer resources and tutorials

Computer Lab Hours

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Student Computer labs

Locations of Computers

Student Computer Support (SCS) lab - McSwain 119  and  Library

Student Computer Support lab

If you have problems with your personal computer that prevent you from being able to access Moodle,or if you need help to complete an assignment or quiz visit Tri-County's on-campus labs.

All computers are networked to black & white printers with a selct few available for color printing. More information about printing is available below.

Laptop charging stations are available in the Library and SCS lab for students with their own laptops.

The Library stations are located at the rear of the lab.  


Wireless access is available in both the library and the SCS lab.  Ask staff for the student password.

All computers have Internet access, Microsoft Office programs, and Acrobat Reader as well as some specialized curriculum support software

Library lap top area

How do I print?

Class-related student prints are FREE.  The charge for non-class related prints is per page: 0.10 cents for black & white prints, $1.00 for color prints.



1) Select "Print" from the toolbar of the program or database you are using.


Note: The default is set to the black & white printer.  If you would like to print in color, please select "Color Printer" from the "Printer Name" pull-down menu.




Printing and Photocopying in the Student Computer Support and Library labs

Student Printing

Students can print from any SCS or library computer to a networked printer.

Our printers support only 8.5" x 11" (letter size) paper.

Students with a current Tri-County student ID card may print class-related items FREE from computers in either lab.  ID Cards may be obtained in the Student Services department located in the Harper building.  

Non-class related black and white printing costs 10 cents per page, color printing costs $1.00 per page. 


There is a black and white photocopy machine available in the Library.  Copies are 10 cents each for 8.5" x 11" (letter size) copy. 

Printing PowerPoint slides

Scanners for Student Use

Scanners station are available in both the SCS and library labs.   Cat scan cartoon


How do I use the scanner?

How to Scan in 4 Easy Steps

1) Double-click on "HP Scanning" icon on desktop to open the program.

2) Lift scanner cover and place document on glass, making sure paper is aligned in top right corner.  To scan, select "Document to PDF File" and click on "Scan" button.

3) If scanning multiple pages, place next page on glass and click on "Add Pages" box to continue.  Repeat step until finished scanning pages.  When scanning is complete, click "Finish" button, then "close."

4) Printing is available at the scanning stations, or you may email documents to yourself.  Open the Internet browser and go to your email account.  To attach scanned documnets to your email, browse to "My Documents," then double-click on "My Scans," and select jobs from the list.


  • When finished scanning, delete your documents from the public computer and empty the "Recycle Bin" on the desktop.
  • Do not log off the computer.



***Save Your Work Often***

Work saved to a lab computer will 'disappear' at the end of the day and will NOT be available for you. 

 **Save Your Files to a USB flash drive**

Buy a USB Flash Drive - they are available at the TCCC Bookstore             

USB jump drive

Insert it into the USB port in your computer -

To save a document to your USB flash drive:   click on "save as" and choose the device you want to save it to you (your usb - "Removable Disk" or "unknown").  Once the flash drive is selected, name your document in the "File name" field