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Computer Support: ADA

Guide to important computer resources and tutorials

ADA Resources and Tutorials

Special Academic Needs

If you have special academic needs, including course accommodations, please visit the Harper Help Desk to learn about the options and services available to you.

Special Needs: Special needs students should see the Director of Enrollment Management, located in the Harper building, to arrange tutoring or other accommodations based on documented disabilities.

Computer Accessibility

Computer accessibility

All students need access to a computer for success in their coursework. The operating systems on most computers already have some features that include these accessibility technologies:

      •    Changing font size

•    Changing size of desktop icons

•    Magnification of portions of your screen

•    Converting text to speech

•    Altering background color

•    Captioning for audio

•    Speech recognition

•   Accessibility for operating systems

Both Microsoft and Apple provide additional accessibility guides, tutorials, and tips for use on your computer. Visit the Microsoft  or Apple website for information beyond the documents provided here.

Windows Narrator

Typeit Readit

Adobe Reader