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Computer Support: Password Reset/Change/Unlock

Guide to important computer resources and tutorials

Reset/Unlock or Change Your Password Account

Reset/Change Your Password or Unlock Your Account

Any time you need to reset or change your password or unlock your account go to this webpage in your web browser and follow the instructions below:


Resetting/Unlocking Password Account

Reset Your Password 

  • To Reset Your Password

    • Do this if you have forgotten your password.

    • Click on Reset Password


Step 1.

After answering security questions click the Next button.

Step 2.



If you have any questions or problems with TC student e-mail or WebAdvisor please contact:

Student Computer Support (828) 835-4309

IT department (828) 835-4258

or  email

Unlock Your Account

  • Unlock Your Account

    • Do this if you have entered your password incorrectly 3 times in a row.

    • Click on Unlock Account


Step 1.

Click the Next Button

Step 2.

  • Answer the Security questions and Click the Next Button 
  • After the system checks your answers your account will be unlocked.

  • If you are unable to sign in please reset your password.

Change Your Password

  • Change Your Password

    • Do this if you want to change your password or if your password has expired. Passwords expire every 90 days. If you do not know your current password please use the steps to Reset your password.

  • Click on Change Password

Step 1.

Step 2.